Indian Couples Culinary Getaway: A Home-Style Cooking Retreat

Indian Couples Culinary Getaway: A Home-Style Cooking Retreat

Couples Culinary Getaway: A Home-Style Cooking Retreat exclusively for Indian couples staying in India

Escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a culinary adventure designed exclusively for working Indian couples living in India. Our 2-night/3-day retreat offers you and your partner the perfect opportunity to bond, relax, and discover the joy of cooking simple, home-cooked meals together. Here's what you can expect:

Day 1: Arrival and Culinary Welcome

• Check-in to our picturesque retreat centre and settle into your cozy accommodation. • Enjoy a warm culinary welcome with a refreshing drink and lunch . • Dive into your first cooking session where you'll learn the basics of Indian home-style cooking. • Savor a delicious dinner prepared with love and care.

Day 2: Cooking Together and Culinary Exploration

• Wake up to the aroma of a traditional home grown freshly ground coffee . • Begin your day with a hands-on cooking session where you and your partner will prepare a quick breakfast together. • Enjoy your freshly cooked meal in a serene setting. • After breakfast go for a walk and get ready for a hands on lunch cooking session • Enjoy the lunch. • Spend the afternoon exploring the beauty of the surrounding area with a guided nature walk. • Return to the kitchen for another cooking session, this time focusing on dinner preparations. • Share your culinary creations during a romantic candlelit dinner.

Day 3: Farewell with Culinary Memories

• Start your day with a coffee. • Head to the market and have a look and learn how to shop. • Enjoy a South Indian restaurant breakfast. • Bid farewell to the retreat, taking with you cherished culinary memories and newfound cooking skills.


• Cost per couple: Rs. 25,000/- Prices are valid until [Insert Date]. What's Included: • Comfortable accommodation for two nights in a tranquil setting. • All meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared by you and your partner during cooking sessions. • Engaging cooking sessions led by our experienced instructors. • Guided nature walk to explore the beautiful surroundings. • A culinary welcome drink and sweet Indian desserts. What's Excluded: • Transportation to and from the retreat centre. However, we can assist you in arranging transportation upon request. Please Note: • Our retreat centre provides a serene and natural ambiance, perfect for relaxation and bonding. • This retreat is designed for couples of all culinary skill levels, from beginners to cooking enthusiasts. • Limited spots are available to ensure an intimate and personalized experience. Reconnect with your partner and reignite your love for cooking during our "Couples Culinary Getaway." Book now and create lasting culinary memories together!