About Haritha Farms – Kerala’s Sustainable Eco-Agri-Tourism Destination

About Haritha Farms

Kerala's Sustainable Eco-Agri-Tourism Destination

Haritha Farms Rediscovering Responsible Tourism and Culinary Retreats with Our Story

Welcome to Haritha Farms, a sanctuary of sustainable tourism and culinary delights in the heart of the midlands of Kerala. Established in 1962 by the Mathew family, this former rubber plantation has since evolved into a living enclave for green living. This family practiced sustainable agriculture by forsaking pesticides and chemical fertilizers and growing a forest garden rich with an array of crops and medicinally useful plants.Pioneers of Eco-Agri-Tourism In 1992, the Mathews family opened their doors to day visitors and became pioneers in eco-Agri-tourism in Southern India. They were offering a genuine Kerala homestead experience off the beat tourist track. Time, they watched their facilities expand to include "The Pimenta," a cluster of independent bungalows nestled in a tropical garden named after the Portuguese word for black pepper, an internationally renowned spice of Malabar.The Pimenta Experience Located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, The Pimenta aspires to help you escape the cacophony of urban life and enjoy the very epitome of peace. Our property consists of four bungalows from where guests can enjoy views of the verdant tropical garden. Here, guests can enjoy a leisurely time in the communal dining area and kitchen, getting an inside look into the making of authentic Indian dishes.Comfortable and Intimate Setting at The Pimenta, we appeal to a wide range of tastes for comfort and intimacy. From lazing around on their private verandas to chilling in the bohemian-style shared space—have fun. We attend to your comforts with a host of amenities like what you'd find in a regular homestay, including free Wi-Fi access across the property.Epicurean Retreats and Exotic Flavors Meet Jacob Mathew. Join Jacob Mathew, our unparalleled host for over 25 years. He's one man who's honed his organizational skills over the years to a patina of perfection yet embraced flexibility to the core — which turns to magic when he takes over an experience. He has a repertoire of activities and excursions to meet the expectations of any interested guest.We specialize in serving healthy South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Jacob also conducts cookery courses that open the rich culinary heritage of Kerala to all our guests. Our program of activities and excursions and culinary retreats further enriches the experience. Visits to tea plantations, local businesses, and boat trips up the serenely beautiful Muvattupuzha River are all can be included in your stay. A cultural landscape of Kerala is on offer, with visits to local markets and significant places of worship.Our team is dedicated and consists of Jacob Mathew himself, his mother, Mrs. Mathew, Madhu Shankar, Ranjeet Mathew Jacob, and, in the back office, Ancy P Anto. Together, they will give an experience to the family hosting the Keralite in their midst, a warm and friendly contact with The Pimenta.Contact Us If you seek a unique blend of luxury and sustainability, The Pimenta at Haritha Farms is your ideal choice. Step off the tourist trail and immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and traditions of Kerala. Contact us via email, WhatsApp, or phone during Indian daytime to plan your visit.