Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | The Pimenta Kerala Homestay

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We prioritize the safety of our guests by providing unlimited bottled water for drinking purposes. The water used for cooking is boiled, ensuring its cleanliness and safety.

The bungalows and communal spaces at The Pimenta are equipped with ceiling fans to provide comfort in an eco-friendly manner. The rooms we offer for accommodation are equipped with air conditioning for added convenience. Additionally, hot water is solar-powered with electrical backup.

– In order to maintain fairness and ensure the safety of our guests, our prices are non-negotiable and all-inclusive. As a local, family-run business since 1994, we value referrals and repeat customers. Our aim is to promote sustainable tourism and provide you with a memorable experience.

Transportation arrangements can be made for guests arriving from any direction at an additional cost. We can assist you in arranging suitable transportation options. Public transportation options are also available, and we are happy to provide guidance and assistance in making those arrangements.

Absolutely. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs such as vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free requirements. Please inform us in advance during the booking process, so we can ensure that your dietary needs are catered to while still providing you with delicious Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine primarily consists of cooked food, but we also offer raw food options to cater to various preferences. Rest assured, all raw foods are thoroughly washed in purified water to ensure their safety and cleanliness.

At The Pimenta, we want you to feel comfortable and at home. In the kitchen, we will provide aprons for your convenience, which you can take home as a souvenir. When going outside, we kindly request guests to dress modestly to respect local traditions. Women can wear linen pants, short-sleeved shirts, and sandals throughout the year.

Absolutely. We encourage our guests to explore the local area and can assist you in arranging your independent exploration during your stay. The region offers diverse attractions, including churches, mosques, temples, local shops, restaurants, and bicycles are available for your convenience.

The Pimenta is located on Haritha Farms, a lush 6.5-acre property situated less than two hours from Kochi. The region of Muvattupuzha, where we are located, offers an authentic non-touristic ambiance with local people, crops, and shops within walking distance or a short rickshaw ride. Nearby hospitals ensure convenient access to medical facilities. Thodupuzha, just 5 minutes away by car, offers additional facilities beyond Muvattupuzha.

Yes, many of our guests are female solo travelers. We prioritize the safety and well-being of all our guests, regardless of gender. We maintain a secure and welcoming environment for everyone.

In India, as in many Asian countries, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a room. However, at The Pimenta, we understand your comfort and leave the choice to you. In the kitchen, we kindly request guests to keep their shoes on for safety reasons. We provide excellent mats, including Coir Mats made in Kerala, to ensure your comfort.