“Culinary Splendour in Kerala: A Gourmet 11-Day Journey at The Pimenta”

"Culinary Splendour in Kerala: A Gourmet 11-Day Journey at The Pimenta"

Experience Culinary Splendour in Kerala at The Pimenta

Indulge your senses in a 10-night, 11-day culinary adventure designed for chefs and foodies alike. At The Pimenta, we offer a unique cooking holiday that encompasses the rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary traditions of Kerala. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of backwaters, midlands, and the enchanting Western Ghats, while also honing your cooking skills with hands-on classes covering South Indian and North Indian cuisines, infused with the traditional aspects of Ayurvedic cooking. The program starts on Mondays.

• Available throughout the year, with February, March, April, May, July, August, and September being the recommended months to visit. • Each day is themed, starting with a morning session introducing spices, grains, and cooking styles specific to the day. Evening cooking sessions and dinners. • Maximum of six participants for an intimate and personalized experience. • Exclusive program focusing on vegetarian cooking.

Day 1, Monday: Arrival

• Arrive, check-in, and savour a delicious lunch. • Get introduced to the regional cuisine, followed by a cooking session and dinner.

Day 2, Tuesday: Exploring Local Vegetables

• Discover local vegetables with visits to markets or growing fields. • Enjoy lunch, a hands-on cooking session, and dinner.

Day 3, Wednesday: Trip to the Hills

• Explore the hills and witness the growth of cardamom, tea, coffee, and spices. • Breakfast and lunch outside, cooking session, and dinner.

Day 4, Thursday: Spices and Grains

• Learn about spices and grains used in vegetarian cooking. • Lunch, hands-on cooking, and dinner.

Day 5, Friday: Mastering Spice Blends

• Create Garam masala, Sāmbhar, Rasam powders, and Gunpowder. • Lunch, two cooking sessions, and dinner.

Day 6, Saturday: Scenic Backwater Cruise

• Quick cooking session for a picnic lunch. • Enjoy a scenic backwater cruise and dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 7, Sunday: Chutneys and Pickles

• Prepare Chutneys and Pickles. • Lunch, another cooking session, and dinner (two cooking sessions).

Day 8, Monday: Kerala Sadhya Feast

• Prepare the Kerala Sadhya, a festive feast. • Lunch, continued preparation, and a lesson on how to eat the traditional Kerala meal (two cooking sessions).

Day 9, Tuesday: Cochin Sightseeing

• Sightseeing trip to Cochin, shopping for cooking utensils, and cookbooks. • Lunch at a restaurant, dinner at a seafood or vegetarian restaurant.

Day 10, Wednesday: Local Exploration

• Visit local places of interest and a snack-producing company. • Enjoy a doubt-clearing session, late dinner, and cooking session.

Day 11, Thursday: Farewell

• Enjoy breakfast and bid farewell.


• Rs.1,40,500 for one person in a private room. • Rs.1,89,500 for two people in a double room. Prices valid up to 31st May 2024 Included in the price: • Accommodation in garden bungalows with air conditioning and ceiling fans. • All meals featuring a wide range of vegetarian culinary delights. • Hands-on cooking sessions led by experts in home cooking. • Scheduled trips to explore Kerala's beauty and culinary traditions. • Bottled drinking water. Excluded from the price: • Taxi fares to and from The Pimenta (additional transport can be arranged). • Tips for the staff. Important Notes: • Eco-friendly bungalows with a focus on sustainability. • Suitable for individuals of all skill levels. • Maximum of eight participants for a personalized experience. • Solo travellers are welcome, with possible one-on-one interactions. Embark on a culinary adventure at The Pimenta and immerse yourself in the flavors, traditions, and beauty of Kerala. Enquire for the availability of your spot today and elevate your cooking skills while exploring this enchanting region.